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17 June 2009 @ 01:00 am
A few S4 discussion topics!  
 + So, Castiel was a new addition this season. I've heard he's going to get a bigger role next season. What do you guys think of this? I'm not a huge Castiel fan myself, but do you think it will change the dynamic of the brothers?

+ Sam's been getting a lot of flack this season. Do you think he deserves it? Do you think his character has changed from S1? Personally, I think that Dean's the one who has changed (and not necessarily for the better), but then again everyone has a different opinion. 

+ My new favorite character is Mary. Anyone else agree? I also like Anna's return. I miss old!Ruby, though. But I don't think New!Ruby is as bad as everyone says. 
maddy: SPN - Castiel - Profile Doubtsterre on June 18th, 2009 12:35 am (UTC)
+I love Castiel. A lot. He's badass and really, really pretty. And Misha Collins is insane. He'll be in 17 episodes next season and I'm thrilled. I don't think he'll change much of Sam&Dean dynamic, not anymore than it already is. I think they changed their relationship on their own, their issues are separate from Castiel, so I really don't think his prescence has done much, other than giving someone Dean kinda/sorta rely on. During season 4, Dean's trust in Sam was pretty much shattered, I'd like them to take some time in the beginning of season five with Sam regaining Dean's trust, but until then I think Dean knows that Castiel has his back, especially with Castiel's actions in the last few minutes of the finale.

+Sam has been very stupid this season, but I think for good reasons, Dean going to Hell, not being able to save Dean from going to Hell and being able to get him out, screwed up Sammy in a big way. Sam has changed soooo much from Season 1. It's actually heartbreaking how cold and detached Sam's gotten this season. I don't think we'll ever get S1&2 Sam back, but I'd like to see some kind of middle ground. Dean has changed a lot too, but I think for the better, his self-worth is much better now, he's able to see that John didn't deserve the pedastal Dean put him on. I like that Dean has a big job to play, killing Lucifer and all, it gives him a purpose other than simply being the special chosen one's brother. I'm a Deangirl through and through though, lol.

+You mean the young!Mary we got to meet in that time travel ep, right? Because Mary's been around since the beginning. Or do you mean, that because of the time travel ep you really love Mary? It's not important, just confused me for a second, what is important is that Mary is freaking awesome. I love her. I love all the stuff we found out about her, her family being hunters, not wanting that life for her kids, the deal, it was freaking heartbreaking. I really liked Anna when she was a human, then she became an angel and sort of lost her purpose after awhile. I would have liked her to have played a bigger part. Damn, I miss old!Ruby. Katie is awesome. She was much more badass than new!Ruby. I don't like the chick who played new!Ruby, I don't think she's a good actress. Super pretty though. Woo! Shallowness! My new favourite character is definitely Castiel :D