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24 July 2009 @ 12:06 am
Who is your favourite Demon/Spirit?  
So guys, I see we aren't chatting much here which is a shame :(

Having just come in from a night out and a little bit bored, I decided... why don't we discuss who our favourite demons/spirits are in SPN?
NOTE : There probably will be spoilers in here, as I know not everyone has seen all 4 seasons.

Myself, I think my favourite demon is Ruby, Mainly because she's so cool and realises that Sam can use his powers to defeat Lillith. I also love Meg because she's so badass ;D And the fact that She's the yellow eyed demons daughter... well, thats kinda makes the story more imteresting in my opinion.

As for spirits/ghosts. Bloody Mary is pretty much my favourite. She's just so scary, and the way she dies is very sad. Molly from 'Roadkill' is also one of my faves due to her story being quite heartwarming (the whole not knowing she was dead, not the fact she was being chased by a man with his guts hanging out!).

Maggie also stood out for me, the little girl from 'playthings'. She was so creepy and she actually really did scare me a little bit because of how she led the little girl on. But again, the ending made me feel sorry for her.

Sorry that wasn't really in depth. It is rather late here and I just wanted to get a bit of chat going here :). So, tell me huntingtrip , who are your favourties?
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Sheryl: SPN: Dean icon 2beauty_within16 on July 24th, 2009 12:46 am (UTC)
I agree about Bloody Mary, that episode was scary.
Meg was fab and so badass. It's late for me so I can't really think of anythings else. :)Sorry.